Master 1 or Graduate of Theology

St. Simons Christian Renewal Church

You must have a Bachelor of Biblical Studies Degree or the equivalent to begin this degree.

The student will complete the Master 1 or Graduate Degree in one year. The successful student will be eligible to complete the degree by enrolling in the 2nd year Master class.

This is the first year of the two year Master of Theology Degree.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition: $1,235.00 Fees: $60 Application Fee, $400 Program Fee, $100 Admin Fee, $475 Graduation


Bachelor Degree in Biblical Studies

Graduation Requirement

VERY IMPORTANT A 6,000 word thesis/dissertation on the book “Understanding Theology, Volume 1” required for this degree, typed and mailed to NCCT, PO Box 865, Carolina Beach, NC 28428, no later than April 15th. This is mandatory. Without this thesis/dissertation, you will not receive your degree. This will be placed in your file at NCCT.

First payment by Sept 5th: $60 Application Fee, $400 Program Fee. Monthly Payment Plans available.

We will study OT prophets and their place in history. We will compare and contrast modern prophets.

Course No. /            Course Name & Description                                                                  Credit Hours

GBS 301        MINOR PROHETS I                                               
       3             Comprehensive study and application of the books of Hosea and Joel
GBS 302        MINOR PROPHETS II                                          
       3             Comprehensive study and application of the books of Amos, Obadiah, and Jonah
GBS 303        MINOR PROPHETS III                                          
       3             Comprehensive study and application of the book Micah
GBS 304        MINOR PROPHETS IV                                         
       3             Comprehensive study and application of the books of Nahum and Habakkuk
GBS 305        MINOR PROPHETS V                                           
       2             Comprehensive study and application of the books of Zephaniah and Haggai
GBS 306        MINOR PROPHETS VI                                         
       2             Zechariah and Malachi; this is a chapter study of the 12 minor prophets divided
                      into 6 study booklets. These studies help to give a clear understanding of the
                      prophecies during this period of Israel’s history
GBS 307        EZEKIEL I                                                              
       2             Chapter 1-11; deals with Ezekiel’s call to the ministry, the message of judgment
                      upon Jerusalem and the nation of Israel; includes historical chart
GBS 308        EZEKIEL II                                                                       
       2             Chapters 12-28; relates how God spoke through Ezekiel to the false prophets
                      and false shepherds; describes the fall and judgment of Lucifer
GBS 309        EZEKIEL III                                                            
       2             Chapters 29-48; covers the judgment of Egypt, the valley of dry bones
                      prophecy, and the fulfillment of end-time events; includes charts
GBS 310        BIBLICAL PRAYERS                                          
       2             Study of prayers in the Bible prayed by people who served God; praying
GBS 311        THE BOOK OF JOB                                              
       2             A relatively detailed study of the entire book; the theme focuses upon the
                      enigma of human suffering, faith, and the power of God
GBS 312        JEREMIAH I                                                          
       2             Chapters 1-18; deals with the call of Jeremiah, general and unrelated
GBS 313       JEREMIAH II                                                                  
      2             Chapters 19-40; covers specific and dated prophecies
GBS 314       JEREMIAH III                                                       
       2            Chapters 41-52; covers specific prophecies and prophecies concerning the
GBS 315       LAMENTATIONS                                                  
       2            Comprehensive study regarding the fall of Jerusalem
GBS 316       SONG OF SOLOMON                                         
       2            Chapter by chapter study from a devotional and inspirational viewpoint that
                     portrays the beautiful allegory of Jesus Christ and His Church
GBS 317       JOSHUA                                                                  
       2            Comparative study of the history of Israel’s possession of the “Promised Land”
                     and its spiritual applications
GBS 318       JUDGES                                                                  
       2            Study of God’s repeated deliverance of Israel during a time of increasing
                     national apostasy and the examples that heroes of faith provide for the believer
GBS 319       ECCLESIASTES                                                    
       2            Comprehensive study of one of the Old Testament books of wisdom, which
                     emphasizes the spiritual principles, discovered by Solomon in his search for true
GBS 320       A JOURNEY INTO THE BIBLE:                       
       8            A Supplemental Resource Study for the Graduate Program - A study into the
                     Bible enhanced by an indepth workbook
     10            A doctrinal series followed by a 6,000 word thesis/dissertation