Bachelor in Biblical Studies

St. Simons Christian Renewal Church

This degree will take one year to complete. You must have an Associate of Biblical Studies Degree to begin the Bachelor Degree.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition: $1,080.00 Fees: $60 Application Fee, $400 Program Fee, $100 Admin Fee, $175 Graduation


Associates Degree in Biblical Studies

Graduation Requirement

VERY IMPORTANT A 5,000 word thesis/dissertation required for this degree, typed and mailed to NCCT, PO Box 865, Carolina Beach, NC 28428, no later than April 15th. This is mandatory. Without this thesis/dissertation, you will not receive your degree. This will be placed in your file at NCCT.

First payment by Sept 5th: $60 Application Fee, $400 Program Fee. Monthly Payment Plans available.


Course No. /            Course Name & Description                       
Credit Hours

BBS 201        SYNOPTIC GOSPEL II                                        
      4              Detailed account of the final week of Jesus’ ministry, as recorded by Matthew,
                      Mark, and Luke

BBS 202        I & II TIMOTHY AND TITUS                             
      4              Chapter by chapter study of the Apostle Paul’s pastoral instructions and 
BBS 203        RUTH AND ESTHER                                            
      4              Study of historical insight into the times and lifestyles of the Jews, revealing
                      allegorical truths of the relationship of Christ and His Church
BBS 204        PROVERBS                                                                        
      4              Survey of the entire book of Proverbs, presented both topically and by chapter,
                      taking the believer from pre-salvation, through instruction in righteousness, to
                      full maturity in Christ   
BBS 205        EZRA AND NEHEMIAH                                      
      4              Devotional chapter by chapter study portraying the restoration of the temple
                      and Jerusalem under the leadership of Ezra and Nehemiah
BBS 206        ROMANS I                                                             
      2              Study of the doctrinal foundations of Christian faith, as laid by the Apostle Paul
BBS 207        ROMANS II                                                                        
      2              Study of the sovereignty of God and practical Christian principals
BBS 208        GENESIS                                                                        
      3              Chapter by chapter study with spiritual applications for the believer
BBS 209        EXODUS                                                                
      2              Study in the account of Israel’s exodus from Egypt, giving insight into the types
                      and shadows of Christ’s redemptive work
BBS 210        ISAIAH I                                                                
      2              Intense study of the book of Isaiah concerning the denunciation of Israel, Judah,
                      and other nations, along with numerous prophecies of the Messiah and the
                      coming Kingdom
BBS 211        ISAIAH II                                                              
      2              Continuous study of the book of Isaiah concerning the message of consolation
                      and further prophecies of the coming Messiah
BBS 212        DANIEL                                                                  
      3              Chapter by chapter study of the book of Daniel, emphasizing important
                      prophecies; study includes chart on Daniel’s “70 Weeks”
BBS 213        REVELATION                                                      
     3               Complete study of the end-times events of human history study includes
                      descriptive charts
BBS 214        REVELATION COMMENTARY                         
     10             A supplemental study into the Book of Revelation followed by a 5,000 word
BBS 215        ENTERING THE PROMISED LAND                   
      3              Devotional study introducing the book of Joshua
BBS 216        A JOURNEY INTO THE BIBLE:                         
      8              A Supplemental Resource Study for the Bachelor Program - A study into the
                      Bible enhanced by an indepth workbook