Associate of Biblical Studies

St. Simons Christian Renewal Church

This degree will take one year to complete. You will need this Associate of Biblical Studies Degree to begin the Bachelor Degree.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition: $980.00 Fees: $60 Application Fee, $400 Program Fee, $100 Administration Fee, $175 Graduation


High School Diploma/GED; Born again Experience, Proficient in Prerequisite; English (if you are not proficient in English there may be an additional class & small fee)

Graduation Requirement

VERY IMPORTANT A 3,000 word thesis/dissertation required for this degree, typed and mailed to NCCT, PO Box 865, Carolina Beach, NC 28428, no later than April 15th. This is mandatory. Without this thesis/dissertation, you will not receive your degree. This will be placed in your file at NCCT.

First payment by September 5th: $60 Application Fee; $400 Program Fee. Monthly Payment Plans Available.

Course No. /                   Course Name & Description    
Credit Hours       

ABS 101
        INTRODUCTION TO OUR FAITH                                                                      
      3              Study of salvation, water baptism, prayer and other basic              
                      tenants of faith                                                                                  
ABS 102        GOSPEL OF JOHN                                                                                 
      3              Chapter by chapter study of Jesus’ ministry and teachings            

ABS 103
        ACTS I                                                                                                   
      3              Detailed coverage of the supernatural work of God in the early Church              
ABS 104        ACTS II                                                                                                   
      3              Study of the life and missionary journeys of the Apostle Paul      
ABS 105        GALATIANS                                                                                            
      3              Comparison study of the law and grace
ABS 106        PHILIPPIANS, COLOSSIANS, PHILEMON                                                          
      3              Brief background study and chapter precepts of the epistles - Philippians,  
                      Colossians and Philemon
ABS 107        HEBREWS AND JAMES                                                                         
      3              Chapter study and overall view of the books Hebrews and James
ABS 108        EPISTLES OF JOHN AND JUDE                                                              
      3              Careful study of all four epistles with special attention given to John's emphasis
                      on love and fellowship
ABS 109        EPHESIANS                                                                                           
       3             Comprehensive study that takes the believer on a journey into the promised
                      land of Kingdom inheritance
ABS 110        I CORINTHIANS                                                                                    
       3             Precept study emphasizing the particular disciplines and instructions given to
                      God’s people
ABS 111        II CORINTHIANS                                                                                 
      3              Conceptual study providing clear insight into the ministry of the Apostle Paul                     
ABS 112        I & II PETER                                                                                        
       3             Study of the importance of growing in the Word of God and the joy Christians
                      are able to find in the midst of suffering
ABS 113        I & II THESSALONIANS                                                                      
      3              Comprehensive study into the insights of the relationship between Paul and
                      the believers at Thessalonica; highlights of the "last day" events as outlined in
ABS 114        SYNOPTIC GOSPELS I                                                                       
      3              A study of Matthew, Mark, and Luke; Chronological study of the ministry of
                      Christ up to the “Passion Week”
ABS 115        A JOURNEY INTO THE BIBLE:                                                     
      8              A Supplemental Resource Study for the Associate Program - A study into the
                      Bible enhanced by an indepth workbook.
ABS 116        FOUNDER’S SERIES                                            
     10             A study into God’s Word through 12 Sermons followed by a 3,000 word